With an Emphasis on the Content and Attention Towards the End-User

I use modern development methods in my work with web development, but always keep a strict focus on the end-user and the final product. My solutions must be user-friendly and stable! In practice, this means that I am open to new technology solutions but always strive to use the right tools for the job. Therefore, I often think through the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a simpler solution. For example, I could choose older and more thoroughly tested technologies to ensure that they are operationally stable in the long run. If you want an overview of my competencies, you will find it



Progressive web App


Although I have some experience working in traditional CMS systems such as WordPress, I prefer using JAMstack technologies. In short, it is about moving away from the traditional dynamic delivery of the web site's user interface via a server and a CMS system. Instead, you generate a static page and fetch data via an API. It provides some unique possibilities when developing applications, but also makes it possible to make lightning-fast websites. I have written an article where I go into more depth with the term JAMstack and the many benefits it provides. You can read it


. Otherwise, the

official JAMstack page

really good if you want to learn about the subject. My own website you are visiting now is built using JAMstack technologies, which means it is coded in


, generated as a static website with


and delivered to you via



Progressive Web Apps

Mobile apps are everywhere. At one point any tech-focused company had a mobile app or at least plans to develop one. Although mobile apps certainly still take up a lot of space in this field, it is my clear belief that many companies in the future will focus on one single website that can be installed as a PWA or so-called 'Progressive Web App'. In short, this means that the website is installed on the phone as an app directly from the internet browser. It offers some unique opportunities, which I have written an article about



By the way, this website is a PWA, and a live example of what a PWA could look like.

Web Accessibility

Something that is essential to me is that the internet should be for everyone. This is why I am very focused on web accessibility. You could say it has become a key concern to me. It is basically about all people having the same opportunity to use the internet - even people with a disability. This is why this page is fully navigable with a keyboard and can be used with a screen reader. Furthermore, the number of animations on the page can be minimized, as a lot of on-page movement can trigger dizziness and discomfort for some people. The option is available on Windows, Mac, iPhones and all newer Android phones. You will find a guide on how to enable this option


at 'The Parciello Group' - a consulting company specializing in web accessibility.