Animations and Eye Catching Illustrations

Attention, Movement and Interaction

Photographs are powerful when you wish to draw attention towards your web content. But sometimes it's more powerful to choose an illustration or animation to help communicate your message. This page shows a small selection of the illustrations I have made. I primarily draw in


open-source vector graphics software. I have also created some illustrations in


- a software package for creating 3D graphics and video. I prefer working in the vector graphics format, as SVG files can be scaled infinitely without being pixelated. This makes it possible to create beautiful illustrations that take up very little space. Minimizing the size of the images is something I always prioritize, as modern web development has a lot of focus on page speed optimization. And this undeniably makes large image file sizes problematic. For web animations, my favorite toolset is


or 'Green Sock Animation Platform'. GSAP is a very popular animation library, that makes it intuitive to create animations that are supported in all modern web browsers. For most animations on this page I used GSAP, as it allows the animations to be interactive and have a higher level of complexity. My imagination truly is the only limiting factor here! The Phone animation on this page was drawn in Inkscape end the different layers in the illustration was then animated with GSAP.

Inkscape Illustrations

various different orange cubes with FAQ - frequently asked questions
laptop with security shield and a sign with exclamation mark indicating virus attack
Green Toolbox containing different tools
computer keyboard keys and computer mouse
3 gears in different sizes
6 different cartoon caracters talking about trading-related subjects
Illustration with red cross on top of hand holding smartphone
man reading papers touching his glasses
isometric illustration of a classic writchwatch

Blender Illustrations

3D illustration of the advantages of Progressive Web apps
3D illustration of the Ejaas logo
3D illustration with pen and ink in front of SVG logo